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Roguelike games have grown in popularity with recent releases like Dungeons of Dredmor and FTL: Faster than Light in the past two years. Although there are some who may contend that the Diablo and Torchlight franchise are also roguelike games, we here at GamesWarp like to fall back on the original premise – the game that helped define the genre: Rogue, which was after all a turn-based one.

All roguelike games genre have always featured dungeons or other mapped areas – like the galaxy outlined by jump beacons and the spaceships you find in FTL: Faster than Light, and the multi-level dungeon in Dungeons of Dredmor. But now we have something totally new on the horizon that we must share with you.

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You’re just a tiny speck in Netherworld

That distinction goes to Netherworld, an abstract exploration roguelike game that features a procedurally generated spiderweb world of nodes that feature exotic places you can visit – such as “an Essence Vortex, a¬†Crystalline Dreamweaver, or a Rich Viridian Cloud”. To win the game, you must “either beat the ultimate combat encounter, activate all the beacons that are scattered in the world, or enact a unique ritual that requires several rare and exotic components”.

A roguelike game always thrive on combat encounters against monsters and beast. The enemies you meet in Netherworld are found inside anomalies that dot the landscape of nodes, and they are nothing like the regular hobgoblins found in Rogue or the hilarious pelvis gyrating Thrusty in Dungeons of Dredmor. What you get instead are Noises, Abominations, Spectres, Wards, Constructors, and a certain entity by the name of Nemesis… all represented by abstract symbols whenever you do battle.

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An ethereal encounter

Battles are fought by casting spells, but you have only that many slots available to use per turn. You have two bars at the bottom left of the battle screen that represent your hit points and mana respectively; they are known as Stability and Spirit in the game. You have your basic list of attack and defense spells, but the nice thing about Netherworld is that you can find Monuments in the game where you can get access to designing your own spell combos.

Last but not least, is the sound department. If the beautiful background music (it’s Mahler’s Adagietto from the 5th Symphony) is anything indicative of what’s to come for Netherworld, then you can bet that I am already sold. Everything adds together to make it so Zen-like.

Don’t take our word for it however, you can take a look at what MZ1, aka Martin Ziegler, has set up on Indiegogo. There is even a demo for you to try out and have a feel for the game. There you can find out the grand vision for Netherworld and hopefully with your generous support, be able to help the project move forward in attaining their goal before the campaign ends by the end of the month.

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